Yep. That’s me!

The soul of a gypsy
The fire of a goddess
The heat of a hippie
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Welcome to my Wardrobe


Literally. This is my wardrobe. I wear these pieces Because I absolutely LOVE how I feel in them. Cool, comfy and carefree.

I’m Steph. I created Capsule Collection because I always get asked where I get my clothes from. I loves clothes, I am however, more obsessed with how they make us feel, how we can move in them, how comfortable they are and the conscious decisions we make about what we consume.


Minimalism Lifestyle


After reading Marie Condo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, followed by the Minimalist Documentary, Capsule Collection really took shape.

Capsule Collection is all about a less is more lifestyle. A linen look capsule wardrobe that is not just seasonal, but annual. This set of clothes takes me from Summer through to Winter using the basics and layering.

It’s about taking you from a wardrobe of overwhelm and never wear to a wardrobe you LOVE and THRASH all day, all night and all year.

It’s about a cool, comfortable, carefree and minimalist wardrobe.

It’s about helping mums like me get dressed not stressed.




Wear it anywhere, from the kids to the café, from school to the supermarket. It’s not casual, its not dressy, it’s perfectly in-between and you can rock it anytime, anywhere. Well, that’s what I do anyway!




We are talking comfort as the number one priority here… I never want to feel awkward in my clothes, that this is too short or that is too tight. This is a throw it on on a fat day, on a skinny day, on a hot day or a cool day and you’ll feel and look the same in these clothes. Easy. Peasy. Lemon Squeezy.




Practical. Seriously. You can single handedly go to the toilet and hold your toddler in these pants as they’ve got elastic waistbands. No zips or buttons to deal with here thank you.

You can also breastfeed anytime anywhere, as I do. You can bend over and pick up your kids from the ground on windy days because you’re skirt won’t blow up… because there are no skirts, because I don’t find them practical cause you can’t always sit down and roll around without showing your undies.

(UPDATE: There are some dresses I just had to include! They’re pretty practical as far as dresses go though, e.g. pockets.)

You can be sure to find pockets! Because what use are pants without pockets when you’re a mum!

You can walk, run, beach, bike, dance and play in everything in the collection. Otherwise it’s not worth wearing.




The world consumes around 80 billion new pieces of clothing each year – five times the number two decades ago. And women only wear about 20% of their wardrobe.

Capsule Collection is all about sustainability. I find all natural cotton and linen clothing made ethically in Europe and China, including safe working conditions, fair wages and no child labour.

I have spent hours sourcing exactly the fabrics and features (natural fabrics, cotton, linen, wash and wearable, elastic waistbands, pockets, cool, comfy, carefree, practical) I wanted for this collection because I believe in quality not quantity and finding happiness, fun, comfort and movement in a simple wardrobe with quality pieces that you wear ALL THE TIME. Rather than buying a new outfit for every dinner date, occasion and holiday that once bought sit in your wardrobe unworn.


Capsule Collection Values


I product test each item of clothing before I include it in the collection to ensure it fulfils these values

  • Sustainable: Cotton and linen are both biodegradable fabrics which is important when the world consumes around 80 billion new pieces of clothing and those clothes are increasingly seen as very disposable items of fast fashion.
  • Fair Trade: everyone in the supply chain is paid a fair wage, has safe working conditions and no child labour.
  • Cruelty-Free/Vegan: I endeavour to find clothes made with no animal products.
  • Cool, Comfortable & Carefree: I value freedom, movement, dance, play, babywearing and breastfeeding which makes clothes that have elastic waistbands, pockets, easy to wear, easy to feed in, easy to play in, easy to be a mum in very important to me
  • Mix n Match: As a capsule wardrobe, of course everything must go with everything else in the collection so you don’t have to think about what you’re wearing today, you just have to grab and go.
  • Wash n Wear: I value time, so these clothes have been tested to just throw it in the washing machine and hang it out to dry. No ironing required.